Vintage 90’s mysterybox tees

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90’s tees 1/1

These are all vintage tees from the 90’s that we have printed by hand.


Each tee will have a different print.
Everything from college prints to astroboy to the butterfly print.

Hand picked and handprinted by us.

these are all vintage tees from the 90s by choosing to source good quality secondhand blanks we are also helping the planet. 

Sizing  since these are secondhand products and some over 30 years old the sizing may be off. A size large could fit like a small for example. However if you choose size large we will send you a tee that fits like a large. So dont be surprised if the necktag says medium, the measurements will be like a large. 

Note these tees may have some flaws, this is normal for a tee being 25-30 years old. 


should be handwashed in cold water.
not wash in washing machine. 

Shipping Time 2-3 working days (sweden)

                          3-5 working days (EU)

                          3-8 working days (rest of the world


Hence being custom made we wont offer any refunds on these.